Centenary Celebration Of World Cub Scout Movement

The East Bombay Bharat Scouts and Guides District Association organized a rally of the cubs and bulbuls on 16th April, 2017, to commemorate the Centenary Year of the International Cubbing Movement. Established in 1916, the centenary celebrations witnessed twenty-five cubs and hundred bulbuls assembling at the Pirojsha Godrej Pavilion at 8:00am, where they recited a prayer and delivered the grand howl, following which they all marched with placards to the Oval Trust Garden. Here, the children formed two concentric circles, moving in opposite directions, giving each other a hug of brotherhood, thus, hundred hugs of brotherhood were given. Later, one big circle was formed with children tying their hands together and moving in one direction, thus gesturing ‘The Wheel of Eternal Progress’.  The children posed in a semi-circle with numbers from one to hundred and placards, stating, ‘100 Years Of Cubbing’. After a fun-filled balloon game, the children relished snacks and received a mug as memento, followed by a show of gratitude towards Parle Biscuit Co. for sponsoring biscuits packets, Salim Porbundarwala of Novel Plast for sponsoring the mementos, the Oval Garden Trust and the Scouters, Guiders, Rovers and Rangers who helped in making this eventful day a success.


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