Davier Anjuman Celebrates 162nd Salgreh

The Davier Parsee Zarathosty Anjuman celebrated its 162nd Anniversary on 16th April, 2017, Roj Ardibesht, Mah Adar. The celebrations commenced a Jasan at 10:00 am in the Bai Navazbai Agiary, by Panthaky of Mumbai’s Vatcha Gadhi Agiary, Er. Asphandiar Dadachanji along with other priests. A Humbandagi followed. Adjacent to the Agiary, a stage was built for the invited dignitaries, Chief Guest, Er. Burjor Antia, Aspi Marker, Trustees Marzban Wadia, Parvez Wadia, Bapsy Davierwalla and Percy Davierwalla, Er. Parvez Bajan and Homi Hansotia.

Addressing over four hundred devotees seated under a shamiana, Burjor Antia spoke on religion and unity within our community, while Er. Parvez Bajan spoke on ancient Iranian history, Marazban and Parvez Wadia enlightened the gathering about the construction of a new Dharamshala in the premises of Davier Agiary and requested for donations for the same. True to Parsi tradition, the event concluded with Chhahiye Hame Zarthosty and Jana Gana Mana, followed by a sumptuous lunch gambhar catered by Adi Patel of Tavdi, Navsari. The joyous gathering returned home, some using the buses arranged by Zubin’s Royal Fleet, Navroz Holidays and Vaspan Tours.

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