From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Let’s Surprise Our Loved Ones Today!

It’s April 1 today, no better day to pull a few fast ones on those near and dear. Don’t we just love that look of surprise on their faces, which should hopefully burst into peals of laughter, when we subject them to our well-meaning antics? But these typical pranks are passé now. It would be fun to give things a new spin – let’s graduate from the usual tomfoolery to some serious surprising!

How about we just go up to our parents/grandparents and shock them with “I’m gonna spend the whole day with you today” and actually do that, listening and talking to them, and not being our usual dismissive selves. As their disbelief turns to delight, we will surely end up realising that it’s us who’ve been fools to not have done this earlier and more frequently.

Or we could surprise our children with “I’m not going to tell you what to do or what not do today. You rule your day!”, and simply leave them be. A couple of hours and they will be right back yearning for normalisation. Or as spouses, let’s ask each other, “What can I do ensure a smile on your face all day today?”, and then happily and whole-heartedly give in to their wishes, and watch them return the favour ten-folds, unasked! Or maybe, just show up at a friend’s, who’s been going through a rough patch, with their favourite food or tickets to a fun flick? Or then, you could simply stun your own guardian angels and actually make a visit to the Agiary!

The best surprises are not just the most unexpected ones, they’re the ones which leave heartfelt smiles and create lingering memories.

Have yourselves the best April Fool’s day ever, and a fun weekend filled with smiles and laughs!


– Anahita


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