From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Happy Birthday To PT!

Dear Readers,

As Parsi Times completes a successful sixth year and sets foot into its glorious seventh orbit, on behalf of all at Parsi Times, I thank you – our ardent readers and steadfast supporters – for your boundless encouragement, high-spirited participation and invaluable guidance through this momentous journey.

Thanks to all of you, what started off six years ago – as perhaps something between an experiment and an answer, to satiate the journalistic lacuna in our community and bridge the gap felt by its youth when it came to Parsi news and representation of crucial issues –  is today the community’s most pampered and favoured weekly. Parsi Times is indeed blessed to receive such love, warmth and cheer as we have from the overwhelming number of wishes sent in to us.

Parsi Times is dedicated to providing more than just community news to you – we ensure that you receive content that reflects the journalistic principles of truth, accuracy, editorial neutrality, impartiality, humanity and accountability. We bring together integrity and journalism, working on the guidelines of the unfiltered news and balanced views. We remain committed, more strongly than ever, to untiringly furthering the cause of our blessed Community’s progress and longevity, by providing a platform aimed at unifying us all as Zoroastrians – immaterial of our differences in beliefs over solutions to the issues faced by our community.

In addition to focusing on unity as our primary emphasis, Parsi Times plans to further increase its reach and engagement with the youth of our community, providing them with inspiring opportunities and platforms that promote and reinforce their standing, as individuals and professionals. We will continue to provide the much needed fillip to all – especially our budding entrepreneurs and sportsmen. Further fanning the fire of our Parsipanu, Parsi Times plans to revive our love and learning for what used to once be the bastion of every Parsi household – Western Classical Music – with monthly columns introducing and promoting the same.

We owe our marvellous success to you. Your voice is important to us. Do keep writing in to us – your feedback is the yardstick with which we not only measure our success but also decide upon our direction, as a responsible weekly. We hereby renew our commitment to you as the number one weekly that is ‘Of the Community, By the Community, For The Community’. So, here’s to Parsi Times and here’s to you!

Have a fun weekend!


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