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Today, Parsi Times steps into its seventh year of publication. Staring in a small way under its previous editor, Freyan Bhathena, the Weekly has become extremely popular under the present editor, Anahita Subedar. With meaningful editorials and a team of versatile writers, Parsi Times affords the most interesting reading for the community Saturday after Saturday: every Saturday.

As the stylish Weekly steps into its seventh year, I shall enlighten the readers on the significance of number seven, of why the seventh year is so important and auspicious for The Parsi Times.

Numerically, the active source of all life is represented by the number one, and the passive source (negative existence) by zero or nothing. Seven is the highest numerical progression in cosmogenesis. Hence, most religions mention the seven states of consciousness, the ‘Seventh Heaven’ being the highest.

In Zoroastrianism, the Seventh Heaven is called ‘Garothman’. In Christian cosmogony, there’s reference to the ‘Seven Mighty Spirits’ before the throne. In Judaism, we are told of the ‘Seven Sephiroth’ and in theosophy, we have the ‘Seven’ principles of man and the ‘Seven’ human temperaments.

The colours of the spectrum and the divine attributes which they represent are seven. The Universe itself is sevenfold. In the seven musical notes, the first and seventh, are the alpha and the omega of the manifested sound. They are the first and the last, the centre and the circumference (microcosm and macrocosm) of sound. In Tibetan Raj-Yoga meditation, the seventh, is the ultimate state of Samdhi.

Seven is a highly spiritual number right from the days of ancient Egypt. It is the number of ‘Osiris’. In occult masonry, all ceremonies start with seven symbols. The human body regenerates itself every seven years when every cell and every atom is renewed. The sevenfold classification can be traced throughout all the kingdoms of nature, including human, super-human and angelic.

Also, there is the so-called ‘Seven year itch’! The seventh child has invariably turned out to be a genius. Also, the Seven Wonders of the World and the seven seas, seven continents, seven days of creation, seven sins and seven stages in love which ends in ‘Saptapadi’ (Hindu marriage ritual of seven revolutions around the holy fire).

Happy Birthday Parsi Times!! This is your very lucky seventh year. May you go from strength to strength and thrive. May you succeed in giving hours of interesting reading to our community for many, many years to come!! In reporting news, you have always chosen the correct path of ‘TRUTH’ over anything else and have always given the community sensible and quality articles by some of the best writers among us. May this seventh year crown your honest efforts with the glory you deserve! Amen!


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