Parsi Times brings you interesting facts about our beloved Bombay! Explore this city’s amusing history and get to know why and how so many streets and places got their names with KYB!

Reay Road:
Reay Road was named after Lord Reay, Governor of Bombay (1885-1890), opened in 1910, originally was used as a terminus for the Kurla-Reay Road harbour line. Reay Road is a Grade-I heritage structure. Also a Harbour line railway station, it houses many iron goods stockists and is also a source for traders who depend on the ship-breaking industry.

Cotton Green: Cotton Green is a Central Mumbai suburb, named after an Art Deco building of the ‘Cotton Exchange’ and a series of warehouses. A residential and commercial area east of Parel. Cotton Green is also the name of a railway station, after the older Cotton Green in Colaba, which housed the original cotton exchange.

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