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My Bhikha Behram Kuva Story

Dear Madam,

On the happy occasion of ‘Ava Yazad and Ava Mahino Parab’ I would like to share a true story of our sacred Bhikha Behram Kuva. In my growing years, my family lived in Nasirabad, Rajasthan. We didn’t come too often to Bombay, maybe just once in two years and whenever here, we stayed at our relative’s house, visited the Atash Behrams diligently but never the Bhikha Behram Kuva. One day in Rajashthan my parents befriended a simple Gujarati gentleman, Sumanbhai, a USA qualified Hydraulic Engineer, who had come to Nasirabad to execute a project that would bring water to the parched town from a nearby river. He was looking for accommodation for himself and his family. My dad offered him one wing of our sprawling bungalow and that’s how Sumanbhai and his family became dear friends.

Upon the completion of the water work project, benefiting our town and nearby areas, we bid goodbye to Sumanbhai and his family. He shifted to Bombay. My sisters and I got married and settle in Bombay too but our parents kept in touch with Sumanbhai. After almost twenty-five years of marriage my dear husband suddenly expired. Sumanbhai visited me to offer his condolences with my mom and dad. He inquired in Gujarati which Agiary I visited for my prayers, when I told him, he suggested I should also visit the ‘kuvo’ more regularly and light a divo there as the vibrations around Bhikha Behram Kuva are so good that it sends out blessings and good vibes to all!

This Gujarati gentleman in his wisdom recognized the magnificent benefits of this our holy shrine. It’s been thirty five years since that sad event, Sumanbhai has passed away. I am 85 years old and with Ahura Mazda’s and Ava Ardvisur Banoo’s blessings, am a happy grandmother. I cannot go to the kuvo as frequently as I would want to but I do pay a visit, light a divo and recite a short prayer in thanksgiving for all the help and Blessings my family and I have received and thank that wonderful gentleman Sumanbhai who guided me there.

Truly spiritual knowledge is universal!

From Grandma (name withheld on request)




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