Letters To The Editor

Clear Ethical Deficit Before Monetary Deficit

There is no dearth of ethical poverty in our community! They call themselves poor, who intrude and capture more than one flat on the demise of their relatives, and pay for litigation thereafter for years together! Others in possession of multiple accommodations call themselves ‘caretakers’ of flats of those settled abroad! There are Parsis who get themselves registered as co-occupants of more than one flat of different Trusts and claim their occupancy right on the demise of the tenant. There are innumerable types of Parsi thugs in our community too.

Can anyone spell how many genuine and deserving poor Parsis exist in our community? Poverty prevailing in our community is definitely blown out of proportion. To be recognised as poor seems to be the birthright of Parsis to exploit the charities. Had our forefathers not bequeathed properties would we have swelled in the slums? To acquire a decent roof over our head would have been a herculean task for the poor then. We lack the gesture of gratitude towards our forefathers.

We do not believe in modest living, so we try to prosper beyond our means. Unless wealth is acquired through modest means, it spells curse. They call themselves enlightened who play the role of ‘Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde’ simultaneously. The ethical deficit prevailing in our community needs to be tackled before the monetary deficit of BPP.

Maneck Phiroze Panthaky (Dadar Parsi Colony)

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