Parsi General Hospital To Admit All Communities

The 105-year-old BD Petit Parsee General Hospital at Cumballa Hill, for the first time, will admit patients from outside the community, in its brand new wing constructed within the premises. The new facility, which is awaiting civic and state approvals to start construction, will comprise two hundred beds. President of the hospital, Homa Petit, is quoted to have said, “The new wing will cater to people from all communities, even as the existing facility will treat only the members from the Parsi community. The revenue generated from the new wing will help the hospital provide free or highly subsidised healthcare to patients from the community. Our aim is to ensure our patients can avail of state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities at affordable rates on the campus itself.”

Admitting non-Parsi patients would help replenish the decreasing coffers which are under heavy strain sustaining the cost of medical services and keeping up with providing the latest medical technologies, especially since over a hundred beds are provided to the community for free or at highly subsidised prices. The Parsi General Hospital is supported by generous donations from Zoroastrians overseas, especially Hong Kong’s Jal and Pervin Shroff.


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