PT TECH By Yazdi Tantra: Share Your Current Location – Google Maps

Very often, we need to share our current location with a friend or relative. Either it is to direct them to where you are, or in some cases, in an emergency. Google Maps now has an option to share your current location with anyone immediately. Just open the Google Maps app and go to the hamburger menu on the left top. You will find the Share Location option. Tap on that and then you will be shown all options to share your current location. You may share by SMS, GMail, Whatsapp or any other option that you have on your device. When sharing, you can set the time for sharing too – 1 hour, 2 hours or even permanently, till such time you shut it off – the last option would be very useful for kids to show their parents where they are, or for people visiting unknown places and want their friends or kin to know where exactly they are. Very useful to convey your location in good times and bad times!

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