Rustom Baug Felicitates Young Navars And Martabs

On 9th April, 2017, Rustom Baug Association, under the noble initiative – the ‘Navar Maratab Felicitation Program’, along with Anahita and Yezdi Desai and Khuda Parast Zarathosti, awarded certificates and cash prizes to sixteen Navars, fifteen Maratabs, Avesta Scholar, Er. Viraf Dadachanji and a Special Achievement Award to Er. Yazdi Panthaky. Guest of Honour, Er. Aspandiar Dadachanji gave a speech in his inimitable humorous style. Dr. Er. Parvez Bajan, Principal of Athornan Madresa, Dr. Er. Ramiyar Karanjia, and BPP Chairman, Yazdi Desai also spoke words of encouragement and wisdom. This event is an effort to encourage, applaud and thank the young priests of our community who will be the future keepers of our Zoroastrian faith in the years to come. The ‘Navar Maratab Felicitation Program’, was initiated three decades back, under the auspices of Rustom Baug Association, the Seth Framji Sohrabji Titina Trust and other benevolent Sponsors, who specifically award the newly ordained young Navars and Maratabs of our community.

Speaking to Parsi Times, member of the organising committee, Zarine Bahmani said, “As a resident of Rustom Baug I am immensely grateful to the Wadias for giving us this beautiful colony to reside in. The safe, peaceful environment has given us the impetus to hold numerous activities for different age groups. The Navar-Maratab ceremony initiated by the Seth Framji Sohrabji Titina Trust (a pious resident of Rustom Baug) and carried forth by the RBA is just one of the varied activities held in our colony. My only wish is that young parents of our next generation carry forth these activities with verve and gusto. May Ahura Mazda Guide our future generations to take pride in their lineage and stay true to our religion and community”.

Earlier on 5th April, 2017, Rustom Baug’s residents and its ‘Super Silvers Senior Citizens Group’ got together to pay homage to Avan Ardvisur Banu, on the occasion of Avan Mahino. A Jasan was performed at the colony’s sacred well by Er. Aspi Tarachand and Er. Mehrenosh Unwalla. Bidding farewell to the group’s mentor and guide, Kumi Daroowala in September last year, the Super Silvers Senior Citizens Group continue to carry on her dedication and work towards the colony and the community by organizing charity melas and utilizing funds collected to visit old age homes and orphanages, as a mark of tribute to her.

Pic courtesy: Zal Cassinath and Cherag Italia

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