SCAMD Organise Seminar On ‘Harnessing Nature’

On 23rd April, 2017, The Senior Citizens Association of Marine Drive (SCAMD) organised a seminar at the Maheshwari Bhawan in Princess Street, to learn about ‘Harnessing Nature’s Energy Freely’, which also means, ‘Good Health Without Medicine’. The speaker, Dr. Darius Homi Umrigar, D.Sc (Honoris Causa), MD (Alternative Medicine) was introduced by the organiser and host for the seminar, President, Prakashchand Jain. Dr. Darius Homi Umrigar was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Pervin Keki Surti, PhD, an accomplished and highly experienced healer herself. Soon, the talk commenced, covering a wide range of subjects relating to food-types and their health benefits, to how the body mechanism can be tweaked for optimum function. The theme throughout was to avoid the high costs of modern-day medicines, for the many diseases caused by a faulty lifestyle. The presentation was valued from the traditionalistic, common man’s point of view as well as found conforming to modern-day science. Similarly, for the elders who seek relief from joint pains, it is essential to exercise the correct breath techniques during movements. Even intense and life threatening diseases like cancer were constructively dealt with by easy do’s and don’ts and from day-to-day items found in the kitchen. There was an exchange of questions and answers to understand the wonderful human machinery and a demonstration on how to overcome sleep troubles. As basic as good health is, it need not be at the cost of expensive medicines. ‘Let Food Be Your Medicine’ is the basic motto, and the endeavour is to learn how to harness nature’s freely available energy and bring out the potential use of the ‘kitchen as a dispensary’!


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