Thank You For The Wishes!

As Parsi Times celebrates its advent into its Seventh year, we are humbled by the wishes from some of our community’s leaders and visionaries…

Diana Marfatia:

“Parsi Times is that weekly paper which caters to the interests of different age and interest groups. It makes for easy and enjoyable reading, and gives an update on community events and matters, week on week. It is colourful and well laid out, making reading pleasurable. The role it has to play, as I see it, is to sustain the interest of the youngsters in community affairs and matters, and, arouse in them a feeling of belonging and pride in being a Parsi/Irani, by including relevant and varied relevant articles. The youth are given a platform to highlight their achievements, thereby motivating their peers to keep raising the bar too. Also, life sketches of living Parsi/Irani luminaries should also be featured as inspiration to other community members, highlighting the role they played in public life and how they contributed to the welfare of mankind, at large.”

Lion Percy Master:

“Parsi Times, over the last 6 years, has been like a breath of fresh air. It has bound and strengthened community values. All Zarthosti events are given a special mention and that gives everyone a sense of belonging. We wish Parsi Times a bright future in years to come!”

Jimmy Mistry:

“It’s a commendable job done, owing that you are stepping into the seventh year and being the only second newspaper within our community, Parsi Times has definitely become as much a household name in the past six years! In the years to come, it would be more appealing to have more younger generation oriented and youth centric content as that is the brand value and the kind of audience that will need to be catered to.”

Penaz Masani:

“Parsi Times is a non-biased, vibrant newspaper. It echoes the sentiments of the community. It’s a happy newspaper, well laid out. Very interesting read. You are doing very well and in the six years you have made a lot progress and made a mark for yourself!”

Dinshaw K. Tamboly:

“Parsi Times, completing six successful years and entering into its seventh is indeed an occasion to celebrate. Going down memory lane, I recall the conversation that the prospective owner’s representative had with me to seek advice, whether there would be enough space to survive for one more publication catering principally to a community as small as ours. My response to the worthy was that any discipline pursued with responsibility and integrity would not only survive but also thrive. I am happy that the owners decided to take the plunge. Parsi Times has evolved into a weekly that disseminates news and views in a very balanced and sensitive manner. To become a popular weekly within the space of few years the credit must surely go to former Editor Freyan Bhathena and present Editor Anahita Subedar, both of whom, along with their teams of dedicated colleagues have worked diligently with commitment and dedication to establish the brand value of Parsi Times. There can be no doubt that for Parsi Times, the future is bright for the best is yet to be. Best wishes to the editorial as well as support staff, management, editor and owners on reaching the milestone and for many more to come.

I conclude by quoting Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of United States, for the benefit of the Parsi Times Team: “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

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