Centenary Salgreh Of Zai-Bordi Parsee Anjuman Agiary

On 3rd May 2017, Behram Roj, Mah Adar, the Zai-Bordi Parsee Anjuman Agiary celebrated the centenary of the Agiary, by shifting the  holy Atash
Padshah to the original place in the renovated kebla of the Agiary building, at 3:00 am. The special Dasturjis who arrived from Surat and Mumbai, were joined by the mobeds of the Agiary to complete the shifting procedure and this was witnessed by around forty-five Zarthostis. The Salgreh Jashan that began at 10:25 am was performed by eight priests, including Panthaki of the Agiary, Er. Homi Sena. The loud and clear bhantar pronunciations during the Jashan filled the air with religious sentiments. Following a Humbandagi, the crowd of hundred and fifty devotees moved to the backyard to enjoy the chasni and refreshments. The evening commenced with the Gambhar celebration at 7:30 pm, with the felicitation of four personalities attached to this Agiary, namely, Ex-Trustee, Phiroze Patel who served the Anjuman for over forty years; Panthaki Er. Homi Sena for his dedicated services to the Agiary as the main mobed for the last eighteen years; Er. Khoremand Marolia for assisting the Panthaki at the Agiary; and Sanaya Nariman, for her services to the Agiary and the Anjuman. The gathering of over two hundred and fifty people concluded the religious day with a sumptuous dinner catered by Rohinton Kumana of Bilimora.

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