From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

A Month Of Thanks

Dear Readers,

The good news is this – we are more than half-way through the, quite literally, blistering month of May – a couple of weeks more and hopefully the Rain Gods will relent and relieve us from the scorching heat that has been the bane of the month. So hang in there for a bit more, keep yourself hydrated, and most importantly, keep your cool.

 The better news is this – last Sunday marked our entry into Dae Mahino, probably the most auspicious month of our calendar as is it dedicated to none other than our very Creator, our Supreme Amesha Spenta, Dadaar Hormazd. Considered the month of giving thanks to the Creator, every year, Dae Mahino goes fragrant with the divine wafts of sandalwood arising from the numerous jasans performed at homes, at Parsi-owned workplaces and at our Agiaries and Atash Behrams. And jasans spark off not just our olfactories, they also bring immense peace to our minds when we hear our dutiful priests chanting our powerful prayers… and last, but not the least, jasans hold a special place in our hearts also because we love our malido and papri, and this month is definitely the malido-bonanza month of the year!

 In fact, the oncoming week is quite auspicious too, especially for those of us who do justice to our glorious religion, with Zarthost no Diso (marking the death anniversary of our Prophet Zarthushtra) coming up on Wednesday, the 24th; and Friday, the 26th marking the birth anniversary of one our religion’s greatest saints of all times – Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb. Parsi Times, as always, brings you all everything you need to know and learn – be it about our religion or the ongoings within our community – from the most relevant sources.

 On a parting note for the week, I would like to urge all of us, especially during this most holy month of our religious calendar which focuses on gratitude, to express our gratefulness beyond our lovely religious rituals and ceremonies. In fact, what better way to show our thanks and pay our respects to our Creator than servicing, loving and respecting all his creations! Do write in to us and share your ideas about how we could do just that.

 Wish you all a happy, blessed Dae Mahino and a lovely weekend!


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