Homavazir’s 11th CBDA Scouts Organise Summer Camp

The Homavazir’s 11th CBDA Scouts group organised their Summer Camp, from 7th to 10th May, 2017, at Dahanu, where thirty-three cubs, scouts and scouters, dressed in smart uniforms reached The Shirin Dinyar Irani Learners Academy School, a quiet pristine environment which was the camp venue. Ex-District Chief Commissioner of West Bombay and Trustee of the Yazad Education Trust, Pervez Irani, welcomed the troupe, who took their positions for a ‘flag break’ on arrival. This was followed by camp chores and gadget-pioneering activities. Everyday commenced with exercises, followed by uniform/room inspections, rescue demos, rappelling stunts, knotting sessions and camp craft. Afternoons would be devoted to test passing, writing log books and quizzes, while the evening game of baseball had every patrol giving their best shot. Observing the Milky Way through a powerful telescope, the nights included camp fire sessions, games played in pitch darkness, ending with joint prayer gatherings. The camp concluded by thanking Trustee Pervez Irani, Scouters, Arzan Godrej, Jimmy Pardiwalla, Cyrus Bharucha and Cyrus Irani, the Rovers and Group Leader, Zubin Bhumgara, for flawlessly conducting the camp.

The new batch commences from 11th June, 2017. Interested parents can contact the Group Leader, Zubin Bhumgara on 9821559132.

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