Igatpuri Anjuman Dar-E-Meher Celebrates 130th Salgreh

The 18th of May, 2017 was an important day for the Parsis of Igatpuri as they celebrated the 130th Salgreh of the Igatpuri Anjuman Dar-E-Meher. Speaking to PT Reporter, Khushroo Mehta, the Panthaki expressed gratitude and pride for Parsi Times, on behalf of the entire Karanjia family, for the support given to the Igatpuri Agiary over the last 5 years, due to which the Salgreh day saw the presence of 50 Zarthostis – coming in from Mumbai, Deolali, Nasik and Surat – attending the auspicious event. He informed us that this was the highest attendance he had witnessed in the last few years, and reminisced how initially when Khushroo would go to cover the event there would hardly be an attendance of 15 Zarthostis, and many amongst them weren’t even aware of this Agiary at Igatpuri.

The Salgreh day started with the Machi at 7:00am, followed by a Khushali Nu Jashan performed by Panthaki Er. Themton Karanjia, Er. Jamshed Bhesadia and Er. Pervez Anklesaria. Next followed a humbandagi and a round of rich fruit and malido-chasni for all present.

Panthaki Er. Karanjia shared that in the morning he was approached by a bunch of kids and they had asked him “Why do we call this as an Agiary and what is an Atash Behram?” He explained that an Agiary is the prayer-fire of the house which, as per our religion, should be maintained in every Parsi household but an Adarian is a consecrated fire which undergoes various rituals. An Atash Behram, on the other hand, is an even more elevated status of the holy fire which has undergone many high-performing rituals which include very difficult and hard prayers, and are not so easy to recite.

Panthaki Er. Karanjia said he was happy to note that the younger children were curious and showing an interest in our prayers and the correct method of praying. Concluding the event with a prayer he said, “May our religion always give the best knowledge to our youngsters and strengthen their spirit to do it right, and continue following our rituals and religion in the right way for years to come. Amen!”

All the Zarthosti visitors left happily with a prayer in their heart for Ahura Mazda to bring them back to the Adarian next year too!

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