Jasan And Gambhar At Soonawalla Agiary

Trustees of Mahim’s Soonawalla Agiary organized the annual Dae Mahino Jasan and Gambhar on 21st May, 2017, at the premises. The Satum ceremony, followed by the Jasan ceremony was performed by Er. Soli Motafaram and Er. Kersasp Balsara. Following a round of chasni and Humbandagi, there was an interactive session between the attendees and the Trustees. A Hama Anjuman Ni Machi was performed later in the evening (Aiwisuthrem Geh) by Er. Hormazdiyar Balsara. Attended by Dr. Firdos Shroff, Viraf Panthaky, Panthaky Kersasp Sidhva, Kersi Tavadia and Zubin Batliwalla, the evening ended with a sumptuous Gambhar served to over four hundred and fifty people, catered by Jimmy Gadiwalla.

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