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In Support of Dinshaw Tamboly’s Appointment at NCM

By withdrawing his support for Mr. Tamboly, Mr. Desai has unintentionally insulted a stalwart, a most dedicated social worker and a true wellwisher of the community!

Unlike most others, Mr. Tamboly is not after power or position, he does not abuse or insult any one, he does not blow his own trumpet. Like a thorough gentlemanly Parsi Bawa, he stands by the oppressed, serving silently, in his own way keeping himself out of controversies. His honesty, integrity, transparency and dedication cannot be questioned even by his adversaries. As a Trustee of BPP he served two terms with integrity and dignity. Unlike other trustees alleged with corruption, nepotism and other charges, Mr. Tamboly has an unblemished image. He has no enemies, and countless admirers. In these dark days of community tussles where morality has taken a back seat, Mr. Tamboly has emerged as a brightest beacon of our community.

What is wrong if he is progressive? Is progress not something we should strive for? We practice religion to progress, and become better human beings. Eventually, progress is the very purpose of our lives! He has not created fatwas in the name of religion. He has not wasted community wealth to punish the innocents. Mr. Tamboly may be called anti-orthodox if orthodoxy means adhering to irrelevant, outdated customs stubbornly. But we cannot call him anti-religious, if religion means doing good to others, helping the poor and the oppressed, being tolerant towards all, selflessly toiling for the lesser privileged and serving them with love and compassion – then there is no greater religious person in the community than Mr. Tamboly.

Whether he is elected or not, he will carry on with his good work, but the community will lose the opportunity to benefit from his wisdom, vision and guidance. Some community members want Mr. Andhyarujina to head the panel – no doubt he is a well-known personality in his field, but except for a few sermons, we are not aware of his rendering any meaningful service to the community. If he really wants to serve the community, he should distance himself from this unfortunate controversial issue, support Mr. Tamboly and offer his advice on legal issues. Advice of a great legal professional will be of immense value to one who heads the minority commission and ultimately to the community.

We should remain united, and instead of creating controversies, work in unison for the common good of the community. As a trustee of the BPP and a prominent member of WAPIZ, Mr. Desai has made decisions that are controversial which caused immense damage draining valuable Trust money and damaging the reputation of the community. Initially supporting Mr. Tamboly was a praiseworthy decision, unfortunately he changed his mind and damaged his reputation further.

Mr. Tamboly has earned the love and respect of the community by his dedicated service, which is not unknown to the community. He has no ill feelings for those who have different views. A majority of the community resents Mr. Desai’s decision to withdraw support to the most worthy candidate – Mr. Tamboly. If the community has to vote, I presume 90% of the votes will go in his favour.

Piroja Jokhi



Dinshaw Tamboly – The Jewel of the Parsi Zoroastrian Community

This is with reference to the news item appearing in community newspapers last week, of the revocation of Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly’s recommendation as a representative of the Parsi Zoroastrian community on the National Minorities Commission, by Mr. Yazdi Desai, Chairman of BPP. This decision of the Chairman is unfortunate and bewildering.

Your readers are well aware that Mr. Tamboly is a true ‘karma yogi’, who has sincerely followed the cardinal principles of the Zoroastrian religion i.e. Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. His body of work in several areas of community welfare are well documented and appreciated. Whether it be in the area of supporting various community organizations in conducting cultural or sports activities, or providing medical aid to the sick and needy families or providing financial support to deserving community students to pursue higher studies, or in setting up two well organized old-homes for senior citizens at Navsari, Mr. Tamboly has always played a leading role. The work done by him in rehabilitating several poor Zoroastrian families residing in the interior villages of Gujarat under the aegis of the WZO are only too well known to be mentioned again.

Hence the decision made by the Chairman of BPP is extremely baffling. If this decision was taken just because of Mr. Tamboly’s so-called religious beliefs, then the same is arbitrary and needs to be re-examined. In our humble understanding, a true Zoroastrian is one who not just harbors beliefs, but puts those into action for the aid and betterment of his community brethren. In our prayers we often repeat the words, ‘Ushta Ahmai, Ya Ahmai, Ushta Kahamaicheet’, which means Happiness to those who give Happiness to others. Mr. Tamboly has demonstrated this time and time again through his deeds.

We sincerely hope that better sense prevails on the Chairman of BPP and those behind this unfortunate decision re-recommend a true jewel of the Parsi Zoroastrian community as member of the National Commission of Minorities.

Nariman Mehta and Farokh Mehta



Dinshaw Tamboly – The Rarest Of Rare!

I’ve always tried to keep out of Parsee politics but this time I simply could not keep quiet. Whoever has opposed Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly’s nomination as representative of the Parsi community must truly have some hidden agenda. I have known Dinshaw for many years and leave alone the Parsee community, he is an exemplary person to represent any community because he is most concerned about the welfare of all human beings, and in my personal dealings with him I have found him to be a most generous, erudite, non-judgemental (a rare trait among us), and a rare human being.

Dinshaw Tamboly represents to me, the rarest of rare human beings, who can represent the human race, leave alone a few Parsees who seem to be keen on seeing this small community wiped out. When I think of Dinshaw and his equally fabulous wife, Bachi Tamboly, I can only recall John Lennon’s song, ‘Imagine’. Dinshaw, you are a citizen of the world.

Many of us are for you, Dinshaw. May your tribe increase!

Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal


A Non-Controversial Candidate

As a proactive member of my Community and as one who greatly values our religious traditions, I was taken aback to learn that the BPP Chairman Mr. Yazdi Desai had first nominated Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly for the National Minorities Commission. Like me all our Orthodox Community people were equally shocked! Now that Mr. Yazdi Desai has withdrawn his endorsement for Mr. Tamboly, we are truly relieved. It takes a mature and responsible leader to ‘publicly admit his mistake’ and acknowledge the sentiments of our Community. Mr. Yazdi Desai has done just that and we thank him for not allowing his ego or any other factor to come in the way of doing right for our Community.

Like me, many are confident about Mr. Andhyarujina – a non-controversial person to be a better choice for this post.

Khorshed R.Meherjee



A Sound Choice

I am indeed glad, that Mr. Yazdi Desai heard his inner voice and followed his conscience, to be bold enough to rectify the mistake made by him, by nominating Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly, as our community representative at The National Commission Of Minorities. The withdrawal of his support to Mr. Tamboly, has proved that he is still a traditional at heart. Further to this, with the blessings of Ahuramazda, Mazdayasni Parsi/Irani Zarathustis, have made an apt choice, by nominating legal luminary Mr. Firoze Behramshah Andhyarujina, to represent our community, at The National Commission Of Minorities.

Apart from being an Advocate of high repute, Mr. Andhyarujina is a traditional, in every sense of the word, firmly believes in the core values of Zoroastrianism and in upholding our ancient customs and traditions. It is this quality of his that appeals most to traditional minded Parsis, like me. He is undoubtedly the best choice by far, as he will not only help to preserve our rich culture and heritage, but will be of great help when it comes to giving legal advice.


Kamal Jehangir



What A Fall This Will Be!

What on earth is wrong with us? Aren’t we supposed to be rejoicing to have a true-hearted Zarthosti and unparalleled philanthropist like Dinshaw Tamboly representing us at the Government level in the National Minority’s Commission? As an educated and religious Parsi, I’m aghast with the sudden outburst of the orthodox brigade! Don’t we see what we will end up losing out on if we let go of a dynamic genuine leader like Mr. Tamboly, whose life itself is a testament in its own right for the welfare of the lesser privileged in our community?

The person representing us has to be someone whose heart beats for the community. And in so much, there is no other stalwart or lover of our community and our religion than Mr. Tamboly. I have absolutely nothing against any other candidate who wishes to occupy that position – just as long as they can prove that their contributions towards the welfare of our Zarthosti community are greater than, or even equal to the kind of selfless efforts and endeavors that have been put in tirelessly by Mr. Tamboly. And if such is not the case, then it is only fitting that the other candidate(s) must themselves bow away with grace.

I was saddened to hear of the recommendation by Mr. Desai being withdrawn but the reasons he gave were even more disappointing! All are very well aware of Mr. Tamboly’s outlook on all issues – religious and otherwise for years – so how can that be used as an excuse now? Also, it was just plain wrong to expect any undertaking from him considering he didn’t approach you for a recommendation. Isn’t that plain ridiculous? Because any support is meant to be unconditional – a conditional recommendation is an oxymoron. This act has made the Parsi community look foolish in the eyes of the media and the nation.

We are already falling in the eyes of the nation with our shameful shenanigans splashed all over the country. But it will be an irrecoverable fall for our community should we lose out on the immaculate leadership of a selfless humanitarian like Tamboly. What a huge fall that will be. And the real irony of it all, is that there may be some of us who will not even realise what we lost out on.

Zarir J. Ardeshir

(Andheri W)


The Right Man For The Job

As much as I love my community, it never ceases to amaze me. When the news broke out about Mr. Tamboly being recommended for Parsi Member at the NCM, it was no surprise in keeping with the great man’s incessant efforts in helping the poor and needy within our community. Having read the reasons for the Chairman to withdraw his recommendation, I was left somewhat concerned – I don’t know if I qualify as ‘orthodox’ or otherwise, but I definitely qualify as a religious Parsi. This did get me a little antsy because I wasn’t terribly thrilled to read that if Mr. Tamboly would become the Parsi Member, he would immediately threaten and alter the socio-religious fabric of the entire community!

So, instead of jumping into and falling for the whole social media psychosis, which is always what happens the moment any topic touching our traditional V/s liberal divide crops us, I decided to do my own little investigation. I found out that no Member from a minority community can do so in that capacity. Then on doing further research I found out that some of the predecessors had been quite the reformists too – but neither did they alter our religious fabric nor was religion ever a topic of discussion because the government steers clear of all minority-community related politics, as a rule, unless it is asked to intervene when human rights are clearly in question – like it is in the case of the Triple Talaq.

So I guess, once again it’s much ado about nothing. Let’s get together as a community and support the one true Parsi who is known to have made the much needed difference in the lives of so many in our community. My support lies with Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly. Not because I’m a reformist or orthodox or agnostic – simply because I’ve bothered to delve into the truth and the right man for the job – from every meritorious viewpoint, is none other than Mr. Tamboly..

Bachi Z. Behramji



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