Your Monthly Numero-Tarot Predictions

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January (Lucky No. 3; Lucky Card: Empress) :

Health will be fine. Do not worry about the little uncomfortable things that take place, they are a part of our lives and hence, all you have to do is adjust to it. Financial support is on the cards.


February (Lucky No. 6; Lucky Card: Lovers) :

The month ahead is bright, with all the luck, love and happiness, and so enjoy it at the fullest. Be grateful for what you have, rather than grieving over what you don’t.


March (Lucky No. 1; Lucky Card: Magician) :

Right time to start new partnerships. Marriage is on the cards. Avoid over thinking. Follow your intuitions to reach your destination.


April (Lucky No. 5; Lucky Card: Heirophant) :

Follow your intuitions. Beware of getting back-stabbed. You need to shake yourself into reality as everything that glitters is not gold.


May (Lucky No. 11; Lucky Card: Wheel of Fortune) :

Avoid negative feelings. Don’t feel neglected. Financial stability is indicated. Time to end any confrontational situations.


June (Lucky No. 17; Lucky Card: Star) :

Spiritual healing has started. Shoulder your responsibilities with confidence. Overcome your confusions. Health will be fine.


July (Lucky No. 8; Lucky card: Strength) :

This is the month to put in more hours of hard work. There are unfavourable situations that you may encounter, hence accept change gracefully.


August (Lucky No. 2; Lucky Card: High Priestess) :

Overcome your mental or emotional confusion. This is the right time to start new ventures. Financial stability indicated.


September (Lucky No. 19; Lucky Card: Sun) :

This month will bring you name, fame and victory. Marriage is on the cards. Emotional stability is strong. A little juggle is needed to balance a particular situation.


October (Lucky No. 4; Lucky Card: Emperor) :

This is a karmic phase, and you will see that as you sow, so shall you reap. Avoid giving in to sleepless nights and get adequate rest. Fun times lie ahead. Accept change that comes your way.


November (Lucky No. 10; Lucky Card: Justice) :

There could be a temporary phase of non- liquidity of cash. Reconsider strongly before making any investments. Control your strong urges or desperation towards anything.


December (Lucky No. 21; Lucky Card: World) :

Go with the flow and accept change, as that’s the only thing that’s permanent. Move on in life. Bathing with rock salt is advised, to get rid of any negativity.

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