Pune’s SSRP Dar-e-Meher Celebrates 174th Salgreh

The Sardar Sorabji Ratanji Patel Dar-e-Meher, consecrated in 1843 at Pune’s Nana Peth street, celebrated its 174th Salgreh on 3rd May, 2017 (Behram Roj, Adar Mah). Built by Sorabji Ratanji Patel on the recommendation of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, the holy fire has been fostered for seven generations by the Dastur family, the last of them being Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar Nosherwan Kaikobad Dastur, and is presently managed by a hardworking and integral group of trustees spearheaded by Mehernavaz Vakil, the daughter of Dastur Hormazdiar Dastur, Col. Sohrab Pudumjee, Dara Damania, Roshan Chindhy, Khushroo Dastoor and Jehangir Vakil. Jehangir along with Kaiyan Khojeste Mistree undertook the agiary’s renovation in 2016, which is now almost complete. The Agiary has been serving the Parsi community in and around Pune for generations.

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