Soonawalla Agiary’s Celebrates 104th Salgreh

Seth Edulji Rustomji Soonawalla Agiary at Mahim celebrated its 104th Salgreh on 30th April, 2017 (Roj Sarosh, Mah Adar), with a Jasan ceremony on behalf of the Trustees, led by the Panthaky, Er. Kersasp Sidhva, along with thirteen mobeds, creating a divinely atmosphere. The jasan witnessed a mix of four generations of Mobeds, ranging between the ages from 11 to 80! This was followed by a humbandagi and lunch. The evening commenced with Huma Anjuman Nu Jashan led by Er. Sidhva with 14 Mobeds, followed by a fascinating talk on the ‘Significance of Dinkat Namah’ by Er. Parvez Karanjia, who explained the importance of various prayers that need to be recited for different issues in one’s daily life, following which he invited questions from the packed audience. Following a vote of thanks by Kersi Tavadia and refreshments, the devotees reassembled for a Machi in the Aiwishuthrem Geh. The Trustees and the Management of the Soonawalla Agiary extended their heartfelt gratitude to all for their contributions in making this event successful.

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