Aava Awarded 2 Gold Stars By ITQI

On 14th June, 2017, ‘Aava Natural Mineral Water’ – India’s top selling drinking-water brand, owned by our community’s leading entrepreneur, Behram Mehta – was awarded the ‘Superior Taste Award’ with two Gold Stars by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) – a leading European organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior food and beverages from around the world. Twelve judges from prestigious European culinary and sommelier associations, awarded ‘Two Gold Stars’ for Aava’s pristine taste, based on the ‘Blind Taste Sensory Analysis’, a superior taste recognition technique executed on products that meet the highest pre-established standards of quality, by chefs and sommeliers who are opinion leaders and experts in taste.

Being India’s first and only water brand to achieve this prestigious recognition, Aava proudly attributes this achievement to its inherent ‘alkaline pH of more than 8’ which has numerous proven health benefits and unique mineral compositions. This achievement is yet another classic story of a homegrown brand originating from the Taranga hills of the oldest mountain range, Aravallis and winning in the international arena for its purity, health and taste. Ever since its launch twelve years ago by the then CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, Aava has truly delivered Hon. Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Make in India’.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Behram Mehta said, “This award gives a huge responsibility to protect and grow Aava water in the true Parsi way, as described in our Avesta prayers, and that is to make this God’s gift available in its pristine natural form to maximum people on the fairest terms.”

In the near future, Aava plans to offer new products including packaging the unique alkaline water in a premium glass bottle and producing tonic water and soda. “With its immense health and wellness benefits thanks to the naturally occurring consistent alkaline pH levels of 8, Aava, which means ‘angel of water’, will continue endeavouring to live upto its name. Aava is already one of the most preferred water brands for numerous national and international airlines, luxury hotel chains and institutes, and is set to scale newer heights while staying true to our most treasured belief – ‘Serving The Healthiest Water To All Our Customers,” beams Behram Mehta.

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