Aspi Darukhanawala Unveils Bal Asha Counselling Room

Lion Aspi Darukhanawala, President of Lions Club of East Bombay for the Centennial year 2016-2017, completed his final Centennial Legacy Project as President, by inaugurating a Counselling Room at Bal Asha, a home for destitute children at Mahalaxmi. The Chief Guest was Centennial District Governor Lion Armaity Aspi Cooper and the Guests of Honour were Vice District Governors (Elect) Lions Divyesh Shah and Kamlesh Dalal. Lion Darukhanawala, said “The decision was taken after analysing the feasibility of the project and the financial viability. The room was renovated at a cost of Rs. 2.37 lakhs.” The counselling room will be used to treat children with different disabilities. Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and a Psychologist will now be able to conduct therapy in this comfortable, hygienic and air-conditioned atmosphere.

Aspi Darukhanawala expressed appreciation, encouragement and gratitude to the donors, Lion Banoo Daroga and Daroowalla families. Director of Bal Asha, Sunil Arora next explained how Bal Asha was founded by Veera and Jehangir Jamshedjee (owners of Steelage Company), and Shirin Bharucha in 1985. “We welcome children upto age twelve and rehabilitate them with all the necessary medical treatment and surgeries needed. Over fifteen hundred children have passed through this organization ever since the centre was established.”

The talks were followed by a sprightly dance performed by the children and delicious snacks. The eco-friendly immense verdant environment of Bal Asha has amusement slides, swings, and many more fun games for the forty-six children currently being taken care of. The special room for infants who are monitored all day and night, the dormitories, kitchen and offices are impeccably maintained. By establishing the counselling room at Bal Asha, President Lion Aspi Darukhanawala and the Lions Club of East Bombay have completed projects worth Rs. 27 lakhs in the eventful Centennial Year.

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