From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Pride And Honor!

Dear Readers,

The past week belonged to students, with schools and colleges announcing the academic culmination of the hard work put in by students all over India. Our community was ecstatic with very good reason – as our very own Bombay-boy Farzan Bharucha topped the Mumbai Boards and came in second, all-India, with a whopping 99.2% – an unheard of percentage in our times! Our sense of being wowed by this fine young man’s achievement is second only to our sense of pride as a community, which joins Parsi Times in wishing not just Farzan, but also our other top-scorers (covered in Parsi Pride on Pg.3) and all the rest who made it through their Boards this year – a very hearty congratulations. And here’s a special shout out to the main support structures who facilitated this triumph – the parents, the family! Here’s congratulating and thanking all of you for your steadfast support in this achievement, because it is the well-educated and well brought-up children of today, that will make our community shine brighter tomorrow and lead it to greater glory.

That said, for the rest of us who weren’t able to make the finish line or then weren’t too happy about the numbers they got, it is natural to feel some disappointment. But please take heart and understand that today, you have numerous other options to choose from, so consider the alternatives you have at hand. Success is not about the field or vocation you choose, and neither is it the reserve of a percentage on your report card. Success is about your resilience, your conviction and your passion to make the best of the given situation, even if it may not be the ideal one or the one you hoped for. You may have lost the proverbial battle, but maybe this will motivate you to win the war!

In other news, Parsi Times is honoured to be an ‘Associate Partner’ with the prestigious Red Ink Awards held by the Press Club – the most sought after, national awards in Journalism. The Red Ink Awards 2017 is highly respected by the national media and a choice few journalists will be awarded for their journalistic excellence by CM Fadnavis, next Wednesday at the NCPA. This recognition of Parsi Times is indeed an honour for the Parsi Media and our community, and it reinforces the endeavours of Parsi Times to continue achieving excellence in informing, inspiring and motivating our community towards progress and greatness.

Have a fun weekend!

– Anahita


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