Know Your Bombay

Pandavkada Falls: Pandavkada Falls is a scenic waterfall located amidst the lush green Pandavkada hills at Kharghar. This 351 feet high, ‘plunge’ waterfall derives its name from the Pandavas who bathed at these falls when exiled. Chief nearly attractions include the Buddhist Caves, Kharghar Hills, Belapur Fort and Utsav Chowk.






Bassein Fort: Built by Bahadur Shah, Sultan of Gujarat, the Bassein/Vasai Fort is an important sea fort located in at Vasai, initially intended to guard the coast against the Portuguese and pirates. Today, the ruins stand almost hidden by brushwood and palm groves, and the fort is used for shooting Bollywood films. The famous British Band, Coldplay, shot their song ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ at this fort.

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