Taichi: Wholesome Fitness For Children

Just being physically fit no longer ensures a happy child. They need to be mentally strong, calm, confident, grounded and level headed especially in the face of competition. Taichi for children has become a pressing need given the pressure of expectations on their little shoulders. An exclusive martial art form, Taichi ensures the holistic development of children in numerous ways, leading to enhanced performances on all levels – academic, physical and psychological. A few results of Taichi for children include Building concentration and increase in focus; Enhanced self-confidence; Appropriate posture; Improved sense of balance and agility; and overall core wellbeing (physical and psychological).

‘The Tai-Qi Touch’, leading Taichi institute, headed by Taichi connoisseurs Kashmira Shaw Raj and Brijesh Raj, has pioneered the first of its kind Taichi Workshop for Children, in conjunction with Carlton Hill’s Tao Taichi Qigong (CHHTQ), under the able guidance, mentorship and inspiration of world-renown Sifu Carlton Hill. A recently concluded workshop by The Tai-Qi Touch had children from the age of 5 to 12 participating. Says Kashmira, “The overall response has been very positive. Kudos to them and a special word of thanks to the parents who shared in our vision. It’s these simple yet highly effective Taichi movements which will help children be the change we all wish to see in society.”

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