XYZ Turns 3

The Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) celebrated their ‘Foundation Day’ by conducting various social service activities throughout the month. Though XYZ Foundation Day falls on Ava Roj, Deh Mahino, Founder Hoshaang Gotla said, “Just one day is not enough to give back to the society and hence the theme for the month was dedicated to cleaning up colonies or visiting orphanages/old-homes.”

Andheri’s Tehmurasp’s Titans cleared waste paper, bottles and plastic bags from Salsette Colony; Dadar’s Behram’s Battalion adopted the ‘Khari Kamai’ framework, clearing homes of their Colony’s seniors; Jamshed’s Giants of Byculla raised funds through newspaper collection and hosted a special evening for Senior Citizens; Cusrow Baug’s Darius’ Daredevils collected clothes/food items and donated to Asha Daan Orphanage; Homai’s Heroes from Parel provided NGO ‘Ashraya’ with basic amenities for distribution in interior villages near Manor and Palghar. Since time and attention are the best gifts one can give, Cyrus’ Superstars gave these to the children at the NGO’s Mumbai Mobile Crèche, which supports the children of construction workers. Thane’s Noshirwan’s Knights helped the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) prepare various plant saplings to be planted on barren land; Bandra’s Rustom Rockstars helped senior citizens of Sadhu Vaswani Satsang cross the busy lane of SV Road on Sunday morning.

Speaking to Parsi times, President of Darius’ Daredevils, Delzeen Driver said, “The experience of collecting and donating was amazing and we learnt to share and give others”.

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