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We’re On A Roll!

Dear Readers,

The past few weeks have augured very well for our community, with the much-needed good news pouring in from all corners! Our community has lots of reason to beam with pride in keeping with the upward swing of news coming in from local, national and global quarters, about Parsis soaring high, inspiring us all as they set the perfect celebratory tone for Parsi New Year, next month!

The Mexican Wave started with Mumbai’s Farzan Bharucha, who dazzled the ICSE Board, setting State and National records with an exceptional 99.2%, followed by a number of brilliant Parsi students who shone as bright, aptly covered under ‘Parsi Pride Brigade’ by Parsi Times. Just last week, we were proud to note how two Bombay-based Parsis made history with a brilliant set of ‘firsts’ for our community and nation! Jehan Daruvala became the first Indian, and Parsi, to win the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in Germany (PT’s front page story today); while yet another large feather was added to our Community’s cap when we got to know that Sooni Taraporevala was invited as a member aboard the distinguished Oscar Awards jury – becoming the first Parsi to be hand-picked by the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (PT’s front page story, last week). Parsi Times, has, as always, been at the forefront to ensure our readers get to know the news first!

Keeping the ball rolling, yet again in this issue, we are thrilled to share more success stories and great news for the community, with Pakistan-born, American citizen, Nergis Mavalvala being honoured with the ‘Great Immigrants Award’ by the Philanthropic Foundation (USA) for her role as a naturalised immigrant contributing to the progress of the world’s most powerful nation. Back at home, advertising connoisseur Roda Mehta has been felicitated with the highest honor amongst her peers – with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ conferred upon her by the distinguished Advertising Agencies Association of India, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the advertising industry.

It has also been extremely heartening and relieving to see a gradual increase in the number of our community’s children being ordained Navars. We cheer our young, future religious torchbearers and their families for making this noble choice and for putting in the great effort that it calls for. Further fuelling this glorious upswing of great community news, I’m delighted to share that our community is also recording an increase in the number of published writers and entrepreneurs. And the icing on the cake, is that our community is finally being covered for the right reasons by the mainline media, which has been justly cheering Jiyo Parsi’s success in helping increase our population.

Heck! Even our most loved and respected historical figure, Cyrus the Great, hit the global headlines as Los Angeles unveiled the ‘Freedom Sculpture’ (on US Independence Day, 4th July) – a magnificent public art installation inspired by the popular historical artefact, ‘Cyrus’ Cylinder’, the world’s first Human Rights Charter under Great Cyrus’ rule, which propagated religious freedom and symbolised progressivism and humanity.

Check out all this and lots more in today’s issue. And stay tuned in to your favourite weekly every Saturday for the latest and authentic news, always!

May this fabulous streak of achievements and community pride only get greater as we prepare to enter our new year on this exuberant note, and may the new orbit catapult us all towards further greatness! Ushta Te!

Have a great weekend!

– Anahita

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