From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

A Cause Bigger Than Yourself

Dear Readers,

Every day presents us numerous opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. Some opportunities facilitate self-improvement, others present the potential of impacting a whole lot of people – enabling us to participate in a cause bigger than ourselves. When we choose the latter, we contribute towards the greater good, which in turn reaps dividends for us, much bigger than those that we receive through efforts for personal quests. This fact applies perfectly when we consider our Community as a cause bigger than ourselves.

All the great heroes of our community, or any community/nationality, that are venerated worldwide, are known for acts of greatness which elevated the lives of others. Dedicating a small part of our time to the cause of our community makes a huge difference in our lives, and in the lives of our fellow Zoroastrians. The benefits and goodness that comes from being a part of a positive movement inspires others, creating an atmosphere of happiness and strengthening our communal bonds.

It’s an eye-opener working together for philanthropic/charitable events, as we gain a deeper understanding of what really matters in life – our health, our loved ones and making the most of this limited time we have on earth. Becoming part of a cause bigger than ourselves helps us see how small our problems are in the grand scheme of things, increasing our ability to appreciate what we have. It strengthens our value system, empowers our personalities with confidence and cause and gives us an unparalleled sense of achievement.

A world leader once said, “It’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential and discover the role that you’ll play in writing the next great chapter in the story.” All across Bombay and Parsi-pockets across India, there are numerous Community causes being taken up by our fellow Parsis – identify a cause you relate to, and pledge your support. That will work wonders towards uniting our Community and empowering our causes.

On a more auspicious note, here’s wishing all our Kadmi brethren a very happy New Year, which falls next week on the 18th!

Have a fun weekend!



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