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As promised, Parsi Times is delighted to bring you ‘Hands That Help’ – a fortnightly column dedicated to our readers, who have expressed a strong desire to volunteer their time and efforts towards helping our community, and our society at large, by selflessly participating in a cause bigger than themselves. In keeping with our readers’ queries, as regards the need for information about such causes, ‘Hands That Help’ endeavours to facilitate providing potential volunteers with information regarding various causes that they can relate to and connect with. We thank our readers for the large-hearted response shown towards wanting to reach out to others and make a difference in their lives. Parsi Times encourages all volunteers, as well as those connected with causes, to write in and share with us your requirements, preferences and experiences towards this initiative.


The following is an initial list of Causes and related organisations that seek your time and participation:

J J Hospital Parsi Ward:

Parsi Ward No. 28 at JJ Hospital, at Byculla, calls upon individuals who are willing to spare the most precious gift – their time with lonely seniors. Bring a smile on our seniors’ faces by spending quality time with them on a regular basis. For more details, email: arnavazjalmistry@gmail.com.


Masina Hospital Medical Initiatives:

Masina Hopital’s administration welcome volunteers to aid them in various medical camps and initiatives, including blood donation drives, etc. Volunteers can participate as per their convenience. For registrations and details on various programs, e-mail at admin@masinahospital.com.


ZTFI (Zoroastrian Trust Funds Of India):

ZTFI is looking for volunteers to help in its numerous programs, such as monthly distribution of food grains to the financially under-privileged; help in organising senior citizens’ picnics and gatherings, participate in the Feed-A-Family program, and so on. Interested individuals, kindly contact: admin@ztfi.org.


World For All:

WFA is an Animal Care and Adoption Centre, seeking volunteers to help out in numerous activities including day-to-day care-taking of pups and cats, as well as for activities related to its exhibitions and events, and administration. Volunteers will be initiated through Volunteer Orientation Programs. Those interested can get in touch via e-mail at info@worldforall.co or call: 9930030231.


Masina Hospital Parsi Wards:

Spend time with seniors who are lonely on their own and waiting to meet new people. An open category, interested individuals can visit the male and female Parsi wards and organise interactive sessions or celebrate birthdays! Timings and days of visit are as per the preference of volunteers. Registration is mandatory. Drop a mail at admin@masinahospital.com.



Owned by a dynamic Parsi couple – Yasmin and Aspi Shroff, ‘Possibilities’ works for underprivileged and rural communities and provides training to volunteers to hones them in various skills through different programs, so as to better serve a cause. Interested volunteers could connect with them at hi.possibilities@gmail.com.


The following three organisations have requested anonymity and seek only serious volunteers, in keeping with the sensitive nature of its cause and members. Volunteers interested in the following causes are requested to write to mail.parsitimes@gmail.com stating your preferred cause and your details (age, relevant qualifications if any, time at hand available to volunteer and frequency of volunteering) and will be put through to the right

  • A Blind School at Dadar seeks volunteers who will come in regularly as readers and tutors to help teach visually impaired students.
  • A School for Differently-abled Children in Parel calls for compassionate volunteers to spend quality time with children and help out in the administration activities.
  • A Shelter for Street Children located at Matunga is looking for volunteers to educate its residents.

(Please Note: This is not a commercial platform – kindly refrain from participating for any kind of commercial benefits. Volunteers and organisations are requested to do a preliminary check before engaging with each other. ‘Hands That Help’ is a Parsi Times initiative to encourage a sense of service and does not take responsibility for any unpleasant consequences.)

Parsi Times appreciates and applauds all the responses from our lovely readers who have risen to the occasion and decided to become part of a cause bigger than themselves – by expressing their will to volunteer. Respecting the preferences of those who preferred to remain anonymous, here are a couple of excerpts from a few of the responses received:


I am a regular reader of the English section in the Parsi Times and eagerly await its arrival every Saturday. I have been toying with the idea of investing some time and efforts in social causes for bringing about the much required improvement/change in our society at large. Would like to specially be involved with NGOs or groups which focus on crime reduction and rehabilitation and counselling of victims and their families. Would you know of any such groups dealing with rehabilitation or anything of similar nature who require volunteers?

– Rashna Dordi (rashnad1@yahoo.com)


Great initiative! I would like to like to invest my time in a cause, am not sure of how much value I will be able to add, nevertheless I would like to contribute my time and efforts. I am a 64 year old retiree. Would like to make myself available, 2-3 times a week for a few hours. Please do let me have more details of where I can best fit into the scheme of things.
– Kersy Anklesaria (kersyanklesaria@gmail.com)


I’m 28 years old and would like to volunteer in almost any are where I could be of help. However, a keen area of interest would be helping out special kids. Due to my hectic work schedule, I would be free only on weekends. Please keep me in the loop on any progress with the same.

– Piran Engineer (piran12@gmail.com)


I’m a senior citizen lady and I would like to support any cause related to the betterment of my community, to the best of my abilities.

– Dhun Shroff (delu93@gmail.com)


Parsi Times thanks all our community members for your responses and willingness to volunteer and we look forward to adding to our list of both – Volunteers and Causes. So, if you would like to help make a difference in the life of others by attaching yourself to a cause, or you represent a cause and seek spirited volunteers, write in us at Parsi Times and we will provide you the platform with ‘Hands That Help’. Mail us at mail.parsitimes@gmail.com or editor@parsi-times.com.

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