Important Religious Lessons At Avan Roj Humbandagi

Er. Darayesh Rustomjee Katrak

The Bahman Mahino, Avan Roj Humbandagi was conducted by Hoshang Gotla and Er. Darayesh Rustomjee Katrak at Bhikha Behram Well on the eve of 22nd June, 2017. The evening commenced with a Jasan performed by Er. Nozer Tarachand and Er. Rukhshad Panthaki, followed by the speaker of the evening, Er. Darayesh Katrak, highlighting the important aspects of our prayers, and their practical applications and benefits.  The following are some of the aspects as explained by Er. Katrak:

Importance Of Prayers As The First Thing On Awakening And The Last Before We Sleep:

Er. Katrak explained the need for prayers, saying prayers is the key which unlocks our mind in the morning. “Just get up from your bed in the mornings, put your feet on the ground and pray one Ashem Vohu. Prayer gives you spiritual strength which empowers you to do your daily routine. Before going to bed at night, prayer locks your mind. Pray to Sarosh Yazad.”

Why Do We Pray?

Answering this question, Er. Katrak said, “The main reason why we pray is to thank Ahura Mazda for His seven creations which we utilize in one way or another, right since the time we are born. He is the Creator and Monarch of the Spiritual and Physical worlds. Before He created the Physical world, He created Man, Animals, Fire, Metals, Earth, Water and Plants.” Er. Katrak likened the need for us to pray as earnestly as we await our first cup of tea. “Each step, right from the moment we stand near the stove to make tea, each step is a boon of the seven Ameshaspands, from the milk, the tea leaves and the metal vessel in which we prepare tea. We should respect all religions but practice only our own. The only way in which we can thank God is through prayer.

The course of human life does not run smoothly all the time. We survive, live and work under different kinds of pressure. We feel depressed at times.” Er. Katrak drew the comparison of an exhausted mobile battery, likening the charging of the mobile phone to energizing ourselves through prayer when we feel stressed out. “The only way you can charge yourself is by praying. What food is to our body, prayer is to our mind. It is necessary to pray.

The Power Of Our Prayers:

Never underestimate the power of our Avesta Manthravani. We must pray only in the Avestan language and some of those sections of our prayers in the Pazand language. The Ardibehesht Yasht, for example, is a great healing prayer. The five methods of healing described in the Ardibehesht Yasht are Asho-Baeshajo (healing through Righteousness), Dato-Baeshajo (healing by observing laws and disciplines in life), Kareto-Baeshajo (healing through surgical procedures), Urvaro-Baeshajo (Healing through Herbal medical treatment) and Manthro-Baeshajo (healing through prayer). Pray with total faith only, as that leads to the acceptance of our prayers and success.” Er. Katrak illustrated the point of faith in oneself by narrating examples of Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency after contesting many elections and losing his wife at a young age, and the example of Thomas Alva Edison’s mother and the Edison’s faith in himself for inventing the light bulb at the 100th attempt!

Er. Katrak enlightened the gathering about our Farajyat (Obligatory prayer) and Marajiyat (prayer recited by choice) prayers and encouraged the crowd to pray sincerely by narrating how sincerely Prophet Zarathushtra prayed to Behram Yazad for physical strength and His wish was fulfilled. He stressed the importance of Padyaab (cleansing) prior to performing the Kusti ritual and explained the order of the obligatory prayers, preferably to be prayed in the Havan Geh, Kusti ritual, Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda, Sarosh Baj, Khorshed and Meher Nyaish, Doa Vispa Humata, Doa Nam Setayashne, Chaar Disha No Namaskaar, 101 names of Dadar Ahura Mazda and Dua Tandarosti. He concluded his talk by blessing the crowd, reciting Yazdaan Panaah Baad, Derzio Shaad Baad.

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