Kainaz Jussawalla Authors First Book

Former journalist and current cabin crew for an international airline, Kainaz Jussawalla turned author with the launch of her first book, ‘Coffee Days, Champagne Nights and Other Secrets’ on 24th July, 2017, in Mumbai. Unveiled by renowned Bollywood personality and lyricist, Javed Akhtar, the book is a compilation of seven short fiction stories dealing with the polarities of the human psyche and related secrets. “Written between flights in London coffee shops, caffeine shots and jet lag combats, my book is dark with anti-climaxes that promise to leave you at the edge of your seat,” Kainaz told Parsi Times, sharing part of the book’s baffling plots.

Available at all Crossword book stores, along with Amazon India, USA, UK and on Kindle, the book is woman-centric, racy and edgy. The evening saw a turnout of over one hundred and fifty fiction lovers, and witnessed the unveiling of the braille version of the book by Tanya Sam Balsara, a dynamic, visually-challenged entrepreneur who runs a computer institute.

When asked about what inspired the Bandra-based author to take to writing fiction, she said it was her parents, and especially her grandmother, Sheroo Jussawalla, who was an extraordinary story-teller. Sharing more about herself, she says, “I’m a devoted Parsi and hold great faith in Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb. I’m sure with his blessings, I will go a long way.”

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