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From Dadabhai’s Descendants

Noshir Dadrawala writes beautifully in his article on Dadabhai Naoroji to commemorate the Grand Old Man’s death centenary in his usual, fluid style. The photo in this article of June 24, 2017 issue shows Dadabhai writing with his left hand. Was he a leftie?

Also, how many of you know that Dadabhai’s tea surname was ‘Dordi’? Actually, Naoroji was his father’s name. We are direct descendants of Dadabhai’s brother, so the family tree featured in his book says.


Nergish Dordi (nergishdordi@hotmail.com)

Thank You Very Much PT!

I am extremely thankful to the entire team of Parsi Times for supporting ‘The Learning Space Foundation’ in our project JeevaMitra, where we were in urgent need for funds to construct a sanctuary for animals – especially dogs and cats. I approached Parsi Times who readily supported our cause by putting in an appeal, through which we received the much needed help. We have been successfully able to construct the beautiful ‘Home cum Training Center’ for animal care, which is an integral part of the self-sustainable initiative towards rural development.

I cannot thank Parsi Times enough for coming through for our desi-breeds who now are able to have a roof over their heads to protect them from the scorching summer heat and the rains, as well as food so they don’t starve. The timely appeal has helped us reach out to donors and through this mail, I would also like to convey a heartfelt thanks to them for making this project possible. We are very pleased to share with you that in addition to numerous donations, we received one major contribution of Rs.50,000/- through the appeal you kindly placed for us in your esteemed publication.

Thank you wholeheartedly once again Parsi Times and God bless!

Warm Regards,
Genevieve Dubash (gdubash@gmail.com)

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