Make ‘Wishes Come True’ For Underprivileged With ZTFI

In yet another humane and touching community initiative by the Zoroastrian Trust Funds Of India (ZTFI) for the welfare of those in need, you could now be the reason for the smile on the face of those not as privileged as you, by conveying birthday wishes to the beneficiaries of our ‘Feed a Family’ Programme and making their wishes come true! Known to lead from the front and for her keen interest in the upliftment of our community’s under-privileged members, ZTFI Trustee Yasmin Mistry says, “We started off collecting small amounts of financial help but we had our hearts in the right place and received equal appreciation and support in our efforts, which we kept improvising with the aim of providing families with monthly provisions, month on month, every month. Now we have literally added the icing on the proverbial cake! Every month ZTFI celebrates the birthdays of all whose birthday falls within that particular month by cutting a birthday cake and rejoicing with great gusto, happiness and lots of smiles.

Another successful initiative by ZTFI is the ‘My Wish’ scheme, where all the beneficiaries choose household items and electrical appliances from a list of items and put their ‘wish list’ in a box, from which three lucky winners get their ‘wish’ realized via a lucky draw, as a gift the next month. Needless to say, this also brings on endless smiles for the beneficiaries, as their wish-list gets fulfilled with provisions, cake, snacks and branded appliances which has become a popular  and much looked-forward to part of the ‘Feed a Family’ Program.

Here’s your chance to become a part of this noble cause of distributing joy, smiles and love! You could donate in multiples of Rs. 6,000/- which is the cost covering the needs of one family. Join in spreading the smiles and love – kindly write in your cheques in the name of ‘ZTFI’. All donations will secure tax benefits under section 80G.

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