Neomi Rao To Lead OIRA In US

Neomi Rao, the second Zoroastrian Parsi to head an office in the current US Administration, who had been picked to become the ‘Regulatory Czar’ in the Trump White House, has been confirmed by the US Senate (by a vote of 54-41) to lead the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). In this position, the 44-year old Indian-American lawyer, Neomi Rao, will lend her expertise in federal policymaking, playing an instrumental role in helping President Trump deliver his promise to reduce red-tape as also assist the new administration stay within the law as it pursues the changes.

Neomi Rao’s rise to this most influential Regulatory post in the Trump administration followed a path that took her to the Supreme Court, Capitol Hill and the White House. Her confirmation comes at a time when the Senate is bitterly divided on party lines, and when Opposition Democrats have blocked several nominations. Even so, having served in all three branches of the federal government, Neomi enriches her position with a thorough knowledge of Washington, a comprehensive Republican contacts list and scholarly credentials from the field of Regulatory Study.

Neomi Rao is the daughter of doctors who immigrated to the US from India and settled in Detroit. She graduated from Yale University and earned a law degree at Chicago University before entering the upper echelons of Republican Washington. She is also the founder of the Center for the Study of the Administrative State at George Mason.


I am gratified to know that Judge Rao wrote the opinion in the case against former Two Star GeneralMike Flynn who was framed by the dreadfully corrupt administration of former President Barack Obama. My wife is a Mumbai wali raised on Pedder Road when not attending St. Joes Convent School in Panchgani, where our Parsi friends sent their daughter to boarding school.. I spent a lot of time in India working for a European multinational firm and enjoyed the company of my late mother-in-law”s Persi friends at the Wellingdon Club near the old race track. I tried to convince my mother-in-law to wear western clothing like our Parsi friends did, but she stuck to her Amil Sindhi traditions except inside their Flat. We she came to the Staters as an immigrant she never put on a Sari except for weedings. I congratulate Judge as a fellow lawyer and the husband of a Sindhi wali lawyer who retired from our Securities and Exchange Commission. Wwe wish Neomi Rao great success in her judical career.

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