Quick And Easy Monsoon Getaways

Yes, the monsoons are here, and what better way to enjoy the rain than to pack your bags and go on a cool weekend getaway? Let’s look at some of the lovely places you could head out to for a fun two-day monsoon weekend.

Malshej Ghat: Just about 125kms from Mumbai, Malshej Ghat is a quiet hill-station offering lush green hill-capes, numerous waterfalls and quiet lakes. Admire the picturesque views of lush valleys resplendent with amazing varieties of flora. The clincher is that it is visited by droves of migrating flamingos from Europe during the monsoons! Carry your binoculars to enjoy bird-watching. Take time out for a pleasant trek to the Shivneri Fort.

Igatpuri: At 120 kms from Mumbai, Igatpuri is a charming hill station covered with dense forests and also dotted with numerous ancient temples. It also offers classes on the age-old technique of meditation called Vipassana at the Vipassana International Academy. Enjoy misty hills, the sound of raindrops and when it clears up a little, head for some amazing tourist places like the Tringalwadi Fort and Camel Valley.


Bhandardara: On the Mumbai-Nasik route like Bhandara with the Pravara River, Arthur Lake and Randha Falls. Enjoy the tranquillity offered by the greenery on the hills and lovely cascading waterfalls. The perfect monsoon getaway, Bhandardara is a year-round tourist spot as well.



Alibaug: If you are more of a sea person, then head for a 95 km drive from Bombay to exhilarating Alibaug. The town offers lovely beaches, the Kolaba sea fort, and the Korlai Fort. These are just 30 minutes away and have interesting ruins dating back to the Portuguese, Mughal and Maratha times. An easy trek to the top of the Fort offers a panoramic view of the sea and the scenic surroundings.


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