Understanding Energy And Self-Protection

“I do not like the vibes I get from this person. Something is not right about him.” Haven’t we all heard this before? ‘Vibe’ is a term often used to describe our experience with people – we could feel good, uncomfortable or remain unaffected. What is it that attracts us or repels us from people? It’s the person’s ‘Energy’. Every person has his/her energy, present in their aura. Energy is dynamic and we can feel it – especially in a tense situation. This ‘vibe’ we feel is the energy of the people. Happy people never give rise to tense environments.

Energy pulls energy. It is actually so simple. Anger attracts anger, happiness attracts happiness. When you are in a bright and sunny mood, everything around you is beautiful. When you are feeling low and dull, everything appears to be grey and uninteresting. Think of a day when you’ve been angry and have stepped out… things shape out to make things worse – you may miss your bus, have an altercation with someone at work and so the cycle continues. What just happened here? You attracted the energy that you stepped out with – irritation and anger attracts more of itself. Now imagine a day when you step out in a great mood. You may meet an old acquaintance and have a lovely chat, may be offered a seat in the bus and have a good start to your day at work as well. The positive energy you carry with you attracts everything positive.

You need to decide what you wish to attract in your life. We often get carried away by what is happening around us and do not realise that we have taken on the energy of others around us. We turn pessimistic and start feeling as if there is no end to the issues we face. But if anything pulls you out it is indeed the positive spark within that acts like a beacon and shows you the way. When a positive person having a strong energy field will be in close proximity to these people, their energy will reach out to grab this positive energy. If the visitor has not been able to protect himself of this energy assault, he/she ends up feeling drained. Everybody wants to be surrounded by healing energy that makes you feel good from within. There are who are low on energy and do not realise it but people may feel tired just being with them. A friend, relative, colleague can be like that. In their presence you will tend to feel tired, low and after a while you will want to be by yourself away, from them.

The best way to deal with people who make you uncomfortable at the energy level is by protecting yourself so that others are unable to penetrate your aura and sap your energy. If you find yourself surrounded by those who affect your energy negatively, try the following:

  • Imagine your aura bright and shining surrounded by a lovely white light. Visualise this image at regular intervals in the day. This keeps unwanted people at bay as your energy will overpower their negativity.
  • If an argument/altercation is resulting in a word-slinging match, consciously stop yourself from participating – tell yourself you refuse accepting any part of this person’s energy and whatever is being directed at you should return to its source.
  • Since you make an aural connection when you meet people, after meeting people who are unwell, make a vertical swiping motion with any hand right from your heart centre to the navel three times.
  • Visualize the same on your back. This will cut off any energy connections made and make you feel lighter and better. Follow this with a bath, especially if you’re feeling drained or sick yourself.
  • To cleanse your aura/energy of any external influence, dissolve a handful of rock-salt in your bath water. Aromatic salts can also be used, if you wish.

You can also help others by visualizing them happy and living in abundance. This will spread positivity and love energy towards them, making them proactive and triggering positive changes in their lives.

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