FPZAI Holds Special Executive Council Meeting

The Federation of Parsi Zoroastrian Anjumans of India (FPZAI) held a Special Executive Council Meeting at Banaji Aatash Behram hall on 30th July, 2017, to discuss the application to the Kolkata High Court for intervention in the case filed by Prochy Mehta and her daughter Sanaya Mehta Vyas against the Trustees of Kolakata’s Mehta Anjuman Aatash Aadaryaan, for disallowing Sanaya’s children entry to the Aadaryaan, as the father is not a Parsi. As the children’s Navjote has been performed, clarification is sought whether the children can be regarded as Parsis with the right to practice the religion; and whether the Trust Deed, 1915, prevents them from entering the Aadaryaan, despite their Navjote being performed.

The meeting began with a Humbandagi led by Er. Cawas Panthaki, CEO of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet. FPZAI was represented by Muncher Mubarakai (West Zone A) and Sam Chothia (West Zone B); Tehmtan Anklesaria (North Zone) and Cdr. Medioma Bhada (South Zone), along with FPZAI President and BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai with Trustees Armaity Tirandaz and Viraf Mehta. Also present was legal counsel Manek Kalyaniwalla (Mulla & Mulla) who authorized the Resolution.

Various relevant issues were discussed including funding and legalities. Kalyaniwalla explained how the matter involved an interpretation of the Trust Deed and the decision taken by the court would be binding on all Agiary Trusts in India and the community as a whole. The Judge would hear all parties who proved they had a right to intervene and how that right was being infringed.

The results from the casting of votes showed fourteen votes in favour of upholding the resolution and intervening in the case. The event concluded with lunch.




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