From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Fun Times Ahead!

Dear Readers,

We’ve entered one of the most auspicious months of the year for our community – with Navroze less than a fortnight away. Unlike looking back at the year gone by and reflecting on our ‘would’ve, could’ve, should’ve’ moments – as is the stereotypical practice leading to the New Year that falls on 31st December, celebrated by the world at large – I’m darned happy that when our Parsi New Year (17th August) approaches, us bawajis only look forward… to celebrations and prayers and fun and food with family and friends! We relegate the ‘looking back’ bit, in global conformity, to 31st December – Navroze is time to open our hearts and purse strings and indulge, and spread smiles and good cheer!

Let’s face it – no community defines good cheer like ours! We really know how to have a good time. Celebrating the biggest day of our calendar would amount to precious little if we didn’t have our loving family and friends by our side – maybe that’s why August celebrates both – Friendship Day (6th) and Raksha-bandhan (7th), building up the mood in anticipation of our New Year! And speaking of the 7th, which marks the start of the holy Muktads, we can also say that no community defines devoutness like ours – immaterial of our conservative or liberal leanings. We may question each other’s religious beliefs/methods of worship – we never question our steadfast loyalty and undistractable commitment to Ahura Mazda.

This issue carries a fabulous article on the Muktads by Dasturji Ramiyar Karanjia (Pg.03), which has been doing the rounds on social media, but we thought the content highly topical and one that addresses the need of the hour, and have reproduced the same, with his kind consent. I’m sure it will prove helpful to a lot of us.

And before I sign off for the week – let me remind you to ensure you’ve booked your copy of our ‘Parsi New Year Bumper Special Issue’ next Saturday. A mega, 80-paged issue revolving around a theme that celebrates our quirky Parsi culture, I’m certain it’s going to make its way yet again into your ‘Collector’s Item Chest’ – what with the wide range of articles hailing all that is uniquely Parsi in essence – right from our dialect, our music, our passions, our religion, our unparalleled love for our dogs, et al!! I also wish to thank our readers for participating in large numbers, as always, in our Navroze Story-Teller Contest – we are, undoubtedly, one heck of a talented and humorous community!

Till next week, keep your spirits pouring… umm soaring!

– Anahita

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