From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Make It Happen!

Dear Readers,

I’m sure most of us must have set foot into our navu varas, amidst much fanfare and celebrations, as we absolutely must – fun, food and laughter is the hallmark of our Community! It’s always lovely to be showered with warm greetings by our family and friends on New Year and other auspicious occasions, conveying their best wishes and hopes for our well-being and success.

‘May this year be your best yet!’ or ‘May Ahura Mazda bless you with prosperity and happiness!’ or ‘Have a year filled with smiles and success!’…. as heartfelt and sweet as these lovely wishes are, it is upon us to make them come true. If you ever ponder upon the wishes received and hope that this year would actually end up realising even half of these – know this, it’s a very viable possibility. It can happen, and it will happen. Only – it can’t happen on its own. You have to make it happen. And honestly, only you can!

It’s like a table laden with the best ingredients possible, promising the feast of a lifetime, but you need to roll up your sleeves and start the cooking. Let our reactions to all these warm greetings received shift, nay evolve, evolve from “tara mona ma ghee-saakar” to “I’m gonna make this happen!” And soon, you won’t be left hoping for the best to happen – because you would have already ensured it!

And, as Parsi Navroze 2018 rolls in, you will look back at the year that was, with a smile of self-reliance and achievement that will out-dazzle all the greetings and hopes and wishes. So start now – list a few of your personal and professional goals (that you’ve not attempted or put away for ‘later’), set out a suitable and sensible time period for a deadline – maybe next Navroze? Maybe 31st December, 2017? Maybe next week! – And get started! No analysis-paralysis with ifs, buts, hows or whys. Just start working on it in the best way you know how! Look at it this way – when you’re down with an illness, you don’t really ponder over the medicine prescribed to you to get back on your feet, right? Similarly, use the above list of goals as your prescription for success and happiness and just get going! Your personal well-being and your professional success is YOUR responsibility.

As you go about making that list which will help you become a more accomplished individual, do add at least one point as to how you could make a positive difference towards our Community and become a more responsible Parsi, too! Get on with it! Make it happen!

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita

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