Laughter in the House 2 – Bringing Smiles and Laughter

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and Ardeshir BK Dubash, the producers of the play, ‘Laughter In The House – 2’, are offering four hundred tickets at highly subsidised rates to community members who are theatre-enthusiasts but are economically constrained to buy them. The play – a tribute to the legendary Adi Marazban – will be held at NCPA on 8th October, 2017 at 7 pm.

The WZO Trusts have purchased these tickets and will distribute them free to interested Zoroastrians who are unable to afford the same. You can pick up your tickets from convenient locations and volunteers mentioned in the underlying list. Transportation (buses) at selected locations (except from South Mumbai) will be provided from various pick up points to NCPA and back after the show. Last date for registering names of those interested, with resource people as listed below, is Friday, September 15, 2017. Passes will be made available through these resource people a few days before the show.

Please Note: Passes on First Come First Serve basis. You are earnestly requested not to back out at the last minute, as it would be discouraging to the organisers, cast and crew of the show and unfair to those who could not be accommodated due to full registrations.

Area Resource Person & telephone contact
South Mumbai Hoshaang Gotla (9820683398)
Grant Road, Tardeo,

Haji Ali & Central Mumbai

 Jimmy Gadiwalla (9820040530)
Khareghat Colony


Cyrus Patel (9820554973)
Gamadia Colony Hoshadar Parakh (9833587579)
Napean Sea Road

(Godrej Baug)

Farhad Hozdar (9820425861)
Byculla, Mazgaon Kersi Mehta (9820133656)

Moti Vajifdar (9820660390)

Lalbaug, Parel Armin Bavan (9821614039)


Dadar Mithoo Jesia (9920971008)

Tina Patel (9820420458)

Mahim Darayus Bhoja (9820425511)
Bandra Yasmin Charna (9833931599)
Andheri & North Mumbai Parvez Driver (9820418820)

Bahadur Avari (9820225313)






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