Letters To The Editor

 Poem For Raksha Bandhan

A Rakhee, may be a link tiny; but is very effective and strong.
In spite of knowing that life isn’t easy; it’s neither music nor song;
It helps nurture a relationship, a strong, loving bond life-long.

Sweet-sour is their relation, lovingly teasing each other.
Laugh they, cry they, dance they, picnic they together.
Nothing effects their bond, no circumstances or stormy weather.

Differences may perhaps arise, as in relationships all.
But their love, deep should be and shouldn’t apart fall.
Immaterial of circumstances, they should each other call.

Wishes a sister always for her brother, all that’s best in life.
Wishes him happiness in plenty and minimal strife.
Hoping, he will always be happy with his kids and wife.

-Afried Dastur (afdastur@gmail.com)



Hands That Help – Superb Initiative!

It is really praiseworthy that yet again Parsi Times has come up with another helpful initiative with the new ‘Hands That Help’ column that is connecting volunteers and causes. It’s a superb initiative as it will not only help the underprivileged, but will also result in character building, and most of all – give a push to our community’s sense of unity and helpfulness. Your articles like PT Push, Hands That Help, Pet Puja and Know Your Bombay make for very encouraging and informative reading. Parsi Times really feels the pulse of our community giving pertinent Parsi news from Bombay and all over the world. Your articles on religion and culture, especially by Noshir Dadrawala are excellent. And Ruby’s Meherbai has become like a family member! I also read editorials by Anahita as they command great style and give us most-needed messages. It’s a pleasure to read PT every Saturday and my family and I keenly wait for it. Keep up the good work, Team PT!

– Meheru Bhesania Havewala (meherubh1970@yahoo.com)



Feedback For Parsi Times!

I greatly appreciate your innovation and ideas which are eye-openers for the community. We as a small community should put our differences aside and pursue in our endeavour to remain united. I hope you will not mind a few suggestions from a ninety-one year oldie, with a spirit of that who’s nineteen!
I’m greatly impressed by the weekly extracts from ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dr. Dhalla. They are short and sweet and touch our hearts. The book available on the net is also a real pleasure to read. Noshir’s articles are informative, inspiring but elaborate. Publishing the same content in two languages is a waste of space as I presume, there are no community members that cannot read English. We consider Gujarati our mother tongue, and a Gujarati section is mandatory, and certain Gujarati articles are worth reading. Parsi Times should publish articles relating the community as other items can be viewed in regular newspapers that reach every home.

-Piroja Jokhi (piroja.jokhi@yahoo.com)


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