New Zealand High Court Gets Parsi Judge

Justice Pheroze Jagose, the son of Parsi Indian immigrants, was sworn in as Wellington’s new High Court judge, on the 27th of July, 2017, in New Zealand. Sworn in by Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias, he brings in a rich and interesting history which he shared at his swearing-in ceremony, which was culturally diverse, with references from Lady Gaga to the heritage of his father – a Parsi Indian descendant. His mother is Irish. Justice Jagose will preside professionally in Auckland.

In addition to receiving high praise for his legal skills, the speakers lauded Justice Jagose for his humour, modesty and grammatical perfection. He was also called a large, scary-looking man who could be reliably called upon at the reception of his former law firm to get rid of uninvited, disruptive visitors! As Justice Pheroze is also known for his witty Twitter feeds, David Goddard​, speaking for the Law Society, said, having seen what the judge could do with 140 characters on Twitter, he was looking forward to similar concise judgments!


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