NumeroTarot (As Per Your Birth Month)

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January (Lucky No. 5; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Heirophant):

Enjoy the month with people you love. Stay away from confrontational situations. Relish what you have rather than waiting for what you don’t.


February (Lucky No. 8; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Strength):

Stabilise your emotions and work towards getting clarity on confusions. Be who you are, with confidence. Financially, your best week ahead.


March (Lucky No. 1; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Magician):

You are very intelligent. Go with the flow. This could be a temporary phase of fights and instability. Be careful about investments.


April (Lucky No. 17; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Star):

This is a financially stable month. Enjoy with your family. Your confusions will end in this phase. Take care of your health.


May (Lucky No. 3; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Empress):

A great month for those born in May. This is a good time to start new partnerships. Marriage is on the cards.


June (Lucky No. 21; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: World):

This will be a great phase for good health. Follow your intuitions. This is a month of juggling things to keep the peace. Travel is indicated.


July (Lucky No. 2; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: High Priestess):

A good time for students. Spend some time in religious activities. A little hard work will be rewarded with great success, so put all your efforts into your ventures.


August (Lucky No. 4; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Emperor):

This month marks the best time for you to start new ventures – professionally and personally. But do practice caution – don’t ignore warnings. This is also the time to learn from past mistakes.


September (Lucky No. 11; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Justice):

You have got the ability to tame even a lion so be confident. Beware of back stabbers. Don’t get depressed, learn to move on.


October (Lucky No. 19; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Sun):

Take the world in your stride. This will be a month of celebrations and happiness. Victory is on the cards, so don’t hold back.


November (Lucky No. 10; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Wheel Of Fortune):

This is the right time to implement your plans. Financially, this will be a good month for you. Do not let petty matters consume you and learn to take some time for yourself and your happiness.


December (Lucky No. 6; Lucky Numero Tarot Card: Lovers):

Love is in the air – you know your destiny but you need to search the right path to get there. Legal issues will get sorted. Do not give in to feelings of being neglected.

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