96th Avan Roj Humbandagi At Bhikha Behram Well

The 96th Avan Roj Humbandagi was organised at the Bhikha Behram Well on 25th September, 2017, with a Jasan ceremony performed by Er. Khubcheher Tarachand and his brother Er. Nauzer Tarachand.

Hoshaang Gotla, who commenced the Avan Roj Humbandagi eight years ago along with his friend Perzon Zend, said, “We initiated the idea guided by the belief, ‘Pray Together, Come Together’. Our prayers are very powerful and if hundred people pray together, the vibrations multiply hundred fold. We print the prayer in English and in Gujarati, along with the meaning, because I always believe that we don’t have to just pray, we have to understand and realize what we are praying.” What started as a gathering of twenty devotees has today grown into a hundreds! The occasion of Avan Yazad Parab draws innumerable people to attend the humbandagi and jasans at the Well.

“We are grateful to the religious scholars who come and speak on different topics, to share their knowledge with the community,” added Hoshaang, who also thanked the generous sponsors and the Trustees of the Bhikha Behram Well, as also the multitude of attendees.

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