DPC Road Widening Project Update

The Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC) recently announced their verdict supporting the residents of Dadar Parsi Colony (DPC), against BMC’s road widening proposal that would have caused serious damage to its green cover. Much to the joy of our community residing in Mumbai’s only boundary-less Parsi colony, the DPC residents immediately opposed the proposal saying the area’s gardens not only draw visitors from across the city, but is also home to various species of birds such as peacocks, hornbills and night herons that have been spotted in and around the area. Besides, the area hasn’t experienced any traffic issues. Finding merit in these arguments, MHCC Chairman, Ramnath Jha, agreed that there was no real necessity for road widening despite a counter argument stating the width of the road to be at least 9m. “We have decided not to issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for road widening to the BMC. The work will eat into open spaces, trees will get affected and all of this cannot be done at the expense of the heritage precinct,” said Jha. The DPC Five Gardens area falls under the heritage sector and hence no construction can take place without the consent of the MHCC. Particular areas that would have been affected by the proposal include Rustom Tirandaz Garden, Palam Court Road Garden and Wadia Park.

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