Letters To The Editor

Our Motherland Is India!

Of late, many Parsis who visit Iran write on Social Media like Facebook, etc., about their experiences of the trip made to Iran. Most end up saying that they have been to ‘our Mother Land Iran’. I wish to correct that and say that our Mother Land is India! Us Parsis are called Parsis because of our permanent settling down in India – most of us are born in our Mother land India and we will die in our Mother land India! OUR MOTHER LAND IS INDIA! This may rake up a bit of an issue within our community but I truly request our community members through your esteemed Press to request our Parsee members understand that our Mother Land is India, not Iran!

-Aspi AIbara



Re: Hands That Help

My heart felt congratulations to the noble, enthusiastic volunteers offering free services to the old and needy and lonely. I am looking forward to reap the benefit of the drive initiated by Parsi Times via their ‘Hands That Help’ project. I am 80 years old, but fit, healthy and active. Senior citizens like me need some creative activity which will open up new experiences, bring new friends, produce and spread positive influences and make us feel motivated and confident.

I will be very thankful if some good soul will teach me to make baby dresses or computer science. If our learned and versatile youth give free talks on recent advances in science medicines finance, important physics exercise, yoga, right-food habits, meditation, etc. it will boost up the creative energy in many like me. I would also be most happy to do a writing job too.

-Jeroo A. Gheewala
(Senior Citizens Home, B D Petit Road)



Speaking for Principals and Teachers

Firstly, I wish the Editor, the staff and the publication Parsi Times a very happy and successful new year! Parsi Times always carries wonderful articles with truth. Well done! Coming to the point, daily I witness this humiliating advertisement on TV where a 6-7 year old student mocks his teacher in front of his parents saying “Teacher, kal raat aapne palak ki sabji khayi kya?” – showing the teacher in a filthy and embarrassing position. Do you think teachers are so negligent and irresponsible about themselves? Teachers are role models for students. It’s disappointing that people try to sell products by targeting noble humans who dedicate their life to shaping others’. This is very insulting, that too on national TV!

On one hand, the big shots and the big publications salute and celebrate their teachers with a big bang and on the other hand degrade and humiliate them openly. This is hypocritical and shameful. It is now your turn to show your unfailing respect and heartfelt gratitude as we all know, ‘Pen is sharper than a sword’ and you will, with your ‘wits succeed.

Good luck and may Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda bless you and your publication – Parsi Times!

B C Sheriar
(Contractor Baug)


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