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Re: Resurrections and Ripple Effects

Thank you for your inspiring editorial Resurrections and Ripples. It ignited the spark of my youth and resurrected some ripples even at my age of 73 years! I might maybe call Ms. Desiree for further details for counselling and experience the experience of a Life Coach – till then please accept my many thanks, (the happiest human being of this Universe)! Love and Regards!

Noshir Rustomji Anklesaria (nosh1@xtra.co.nz) 



Poverty – The Trump Card Of Parsis

Food, shelter and clothing are the bare minimum necessities of a human being. Can you call Parsis flocking in large numbers at free gahambars poor? Have you seen Parsis dwelling on the footpath or in a slum? How do you define poverty? A deserving poor Parsi residing in a subsidized accommodation is also expected to progress. After progressing, he affords luxury. Obviously, he gets addicted to luxury and terms it as necessity when the same goes beyond his reach due to inflation. He then claims to be poor.

After prospering, we forget that the deserving poor still exist in our community. The greedy indulge in unscrupulous activity of intruding and capturing the houses of the old and infirm. Without exaggeration, the undersigned has come across Parsis who are on the lookout for opportunities to indulge in the said activity right from the time of arrival of babies in their family!! There are Parsis who keep their undisclosed ownership flats locked and do not surrender their flat to BPP so they can make a fast buck. The whole thing is that ‘ke bhaiya sabse bada Rupaiya’.

Under the said circumstances, can BPP allot a separate accommodation to every couple of every generation? The alternative is to revive the joint family system, which our youth will decline and rather prefer to become extinct. Material progress fails to lift us spiritually. The luxury of the ‘poor’ may be within their means but they are depriving the deserving needy of subsidized accommodation.

How many will respond after perusing the above? None. Think twice, my dear brethren before reciting “Chhaiye Hame Jarthosti”.

Maneck Panthaky (Dadar Parsee Colony)



Great New Initiatives By PT!

I am a regular reader of Parsi Times and I am very pleased to see how your paper not only provides our community with weekly dose of all-round news and entertainment, but is also constantly giving us new articles which helps the individual as well as aids in community welfare. Special mention to ‘Hands That Help’ which brings our community together for community service, and your latest column ‘Ripple Effects’ really brought up my spirits and also my daughter’s. Coach Desiree is a welcome addition to the list of great PT writers like Noshir Dadrawala and Ruby. A lot of Parsi youth can benefit with her help on both the levels – professional with her Soft skills expertise, and also personal, with her strong and solid experience as a counsellor.

My friend in Los Angeles has participated in more than five of Desiree’s Ripple Effects Workshops in Orange County and has benefited tremendously. I am looking forward to more of her articles and would like to know when and where she will hold her next workshops.

I am so glad that PT is bringing the gems of the Community together to share their wisdom on one great platform for the enrichment of the community. These are genuinely thoughtful and great new initiatives by Parsi Times. Thank you!


Darayus S. Patel (Bandra, Bombay)




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