WZCC Youth Wing Organises Speed Networking Night

In a first of its kind, the WZCC (World Zarathushti Chamber Of Commerce) Youth Wing organised a ‘Speed Networking Night’ on 1st September, 2017, to offer a networking platform bringing together like-minded Zoroastrian professionals and entrepreneurs, with the aim of career optimization. The evening saw forty-two young adults (aged between 18 and 35 years) participate in this event held at Yiamas, South Bombay.

As participants were getting started interacting over high tea, one of the organisers, Jehaan Kotwal welcomed the group, saying, “Over the past few months, we carried out a survey amongst the Zoroastrian youth to understand what they needed the most. We realised that young professionals and entrepreneurs like us seek role models or mentors in our fields of, someone who could guide and help us construct a successful career. This evening is our first step towards this end.”

WZCC Youth Wing’s mentor, Xerxes Dastur, further elucidated the agenda of the meet, “Such gatherings benefit us on various dimensions – including helping build a large database of consultants and man-force looking to expand their reach; guidance for those looking for a 360 degree career change; entrepreneurs and authorities looking to hire such talents.”

Next was fun on the cards with a game of ‘social bingo’ hosted by Hoshaang Jehangirjee. This was followed by rounds of introduction – with participants moving systematically from table to table, every ten minutes to facilitate getting acquainted and exploring how two people could get together to accelerate new ventures. The eve concluded with the group heading out for dinner.

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